Project specification

Specifications of Tropical Homes Construction:


Tropical Homes will take all necessary arrangements to get the local authority approvals for the building.

Height of the finished floor level will be 18” from the average natural ground level.

All areas will be 12”x12” local ceramic tiles from Lanka Tiles Ltd or Royal Ceramics Ltd. (Cost 135/= per Sq.Ft.)

Bathroom wall will be tiled up to 6ft from finished toilet floor all around. (Cost of tile 125/= per Sq.Ft.), complete bathroom floor and walls of the shower areas will be water proofed using “BARRA®LASTIC” or equal water proofing material.

LKR 50,000/= is allocated for complete set of sanitary fittings per toilet.

All roof timber, door & window timber will be chemically treated against insects by pressure impregnation by Finaly Rentofil Co.Ltd – Wattala. A 25 year warranty is provided by them.

LKR 2000/= for a bed room lock and LKR 3000/= for the main entrance door lock is allocated. The Tropical Homes standard door locks will be original Union with a comprehensive guarantee from the manufacturer.

All door and window sashes will be made out of 1¼” thick Mahogany timber chemically treated by pressure impregnation. (Finished size may vary.) Door frames will be made out of 4”x3” timber.

Roof covered with good quality clay roof tiles.

Exposed rafter lunumidella timber ceiling for the complete roof.

Tropical Homes has allocated a maximum of LKR 25,000/= for the electricity connection charges. The client has to pay the excess amount if any.

Tropical Homes will supply and fix only the lamp points and fan points. Supply and fixing Bulbs, lamp shades and Fans have to be supplied by the client.

Inner wall will be painted with 2 colors on top of wall filler, and outer walls will be single color selected by the client. Paint will be Pentalite from CIC Company.

Doors and windows will be brush painted with sanding sealer and thinner based CIC varnish.

Timber ceiling will be brush painted with sanding sealer and natural colour matt or gloss CIC varnish.

Gutters and down pipes will be made out of Zinc Aluminum coated steel sheets.

Hot water plumbing is included for all bathrooms except assistants’ toilet.

Plastic water tank,Including Jinasena pump and 6″ dia 25feet deep tube well with automatic level sencer switches & pump house as necessary on top of the upper floor toilet.

Complete groung area covered by the building will be treated against termites and white ants by a specialised company with 10 year warranty.

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