Payment terms & methods

Work Schedule Single Storey House Two Storey House
A. Advance Payment
To fix the price unchanged.
10% 10%
B. Work up to Foundation
Preliminaries, Earthwork, Rubblework, Plinth beams, Concrete bases
14% 7%
C. Work up to 1st floor Slab
Ground floor lintels, Brickwork, Columns
16% 8%
D. Work up to Slab – Top level
Concrete slab and all beams at slab level
E. Work up to Roof level
Upper floor brickwork and columns up to roof level
F. Roof construction
Calicut tilled roof and timber ceiling
17% 12%
G. Plaster and Services 1st Fix
Internal, External and Soffit plaster, Pipe laying for plumbing 30%, Electricity wiring, Fixing Doors and window frames.
8% 8%
H. Decoration and gutters and down pipes
Gutters and down pipes, Wall, Timber Ceiling and Slab soffit painting.
8% 8%
I. Wall and floor tilling
Wall and floor tiles
12% 12%
J. Doors and windows
Fixing doors and windows
12% 12%
K. Final Miscellaneous work
Fixing electricity switches, fixing bath fittings, and final miscellaneous work with final paint patching work
6% 6%
L. After completion 4% 4%

Note: All Payments should be made before the commencement of each stage.

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